£3,500 - £45,000

Following his close friend’s life-changing injuries—caused by the devastating impact of war—McCrow made a personal commitment to use the commercial side of his art to stem the flow of illicit weapons by destroying 1,000,000 guns. McCrow pioneered the concept of the art of disarmament: using weapons recovered from war torn areas of the world, decommissioning them and giving them a new life as unique pieces of art. Through the creative process, McCrow tells the human stories that share their history with each weapon, along with new questions about morality, endeavour and ultimately, the true cost of conflict.

The underlying theme of McCrow's work is an exploration of moral insanity; addressing a decay of social affections, an aversion to the nearest relatives and friends formerly beloved; in short, a change in the moral character of the individual. Guns have long had an extraordinary and terrible influence. There are those who glorify them, those that subjugate through them and those who suffer by them. McCrow captures this polarising behavior and re-introduces the subject into the 21st Century, portraying it with originality, wit, and soul. McCrow’s art is controversial, thought provoking and embraces the contradictory views that come with guns and refocuses them with a fresh perspective and a heartfelt purpose.

One Less Gun is McCrow’s charity. Its aim is to change the way the world deals with surplus and illicit small arms by raising awareness of their continued threat, and funding specialist teams and machinery to secure or destroy them in areas affected by gun violence. There goal is to take 1,000,000 weapons out of circulation, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands and helping regions secure a brighter, more stable future for those who continue to live and work there.

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