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I Drink To Make Other People More Interesting by Connor Brothers
I Drink To Make Other People More Interesting

Connor Brothers

The thought-provoking art of the Connor Brothers delves into contemporary issues, including social media, politics and the pursuit of pleasure. This satirical piece would make a great statement "I Drink to make other people more interesting" would fit well in a dining area or living space.

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I'M SO EXCITED... by David Shrigley

David Shrigley

David Shrigley is best known for his distinctive drawing style and works that make satirical comments on everyday situations and human interactions. This signed limited edition is a fun, uplifting and joyful piece of art who we would expect to go to a dog and art lover wanting to collect the next big thing.

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Why Not, 2006 by Haut De Gamme
Why Not, 2006

Haut De Gamme

Part of the 30 years collection, this fun and contemporary mixed media on board would be the ideal addition to a dining room, bar or open plan living space. An impactful talking piece, this champagne art will not go unnoticed. Part of a collection so see the website for other colours

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Precious by Patrick Palmer

Patrick Palmer

Using Palmer's trademark ochre background, Precious is the perfect example of a contemporary figurative painting. The artist uses a combination of photo realism painting, as well as a looser, more energetic abstract style, trailing off into the background.

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silent shores by HENRIETTA STUART
silent shores


Using layering techniques, Henrietta has created a serene and calming abstract landscape painting with hues of rose gold adding a shine and texture to this beautiful original.

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Passing By  by Philip Hearsey
Passing By

Philip Hearsey

A dynamic sculpture that can be turned allowing many aspects to be achieved. Natural bronze is exposed on some edges. Stamped with monogram signature on base and uniquely numbered 654A.

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Open Water by Philip Hearsey
Open Water

Philip Hearsey

A tall and dramatic bronze sculpture that would sit perfectly and add interest in the corner of any living space. The inner edge shows the natural bronze and is in a finely rubbed finish and lacquered for protection to prevent air reaching the bronze and causing natural darkening. Stamped with monogram signature and uniquely numbered 424, 3/5.

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Open Curl  by Philip Hearsey
Open Curl

Philip Hearsey

A perfect piece for a dining table or mantlepiece, Open Curl adds drama and elegance. The two shades of patination are separated by natural bronze in a finely rubbed and lacquered finish. Stamped with monogram signature and uniquely numbered 481,4/9.

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Three Bridges by Richard Knight
Three Bridges

Richard Knight

Richard Knight encapsulates the vibrancy and energy of London in this original mixed media cityscape painting. A contemporary abstract impression, Knight captures Millennium Bridge, Southwark Bridge and Cannon Street Railway Bridge. Using various teal and ochre shades, layers and textures have been built up representing the diverse and depth of London life.

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Faye Dunaway by the Pool, Beverly Hills Hotel, 1977 Co Signed/posthumous by Terry O Neill
Faye Dunaway by the Pool, Beverly Hills Hotel, 1977 Co Signed/posthumous

Terry O Neill
£Prices start at £5,250

American actress Faye Dunaway sits by the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, the morning after the Academy Awards ceremony, where she won the Oscar for ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ for her part in Sidney Lumet’s satirical film “Network” on March 29, 1977.

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DARK SEAS by Paul Bennett

Paul Bennett

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