David Pilgrim


David Pilgrim
David Pilgrim
£895 - £5,000

David Pilgrim was a Cityscape painter based in Essex with a strong background in graphic design. Pilgrim worked as a professional oil painter for over 10 years. With an interest in architectural structure, Pilgrim specialised in vibrant city scenes and was a unique talent. Using the luminous qualities of shimmering light, Pilgrim imparted a strong sense of atmosphere while conveying the essence of his subject through a loose, impressionist interpretation. Painting mainly London, Venice, New York and Paris, Pilgrim created many bespoke private and corporate commissions. Box Galleries held his first solo show in the UK in 2013 which was a sell out exhibition and his popularity has gone from strength to strength.
Sadly David passed away in 2019 and Box Galleries holds his exclusive collection of Originals and prints.

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