Haut de Gamme


Haut de Gamme
£695 - £8,500

HAUT DE GAMME - Top of the range - French [Adjective] No.1. High-end, Upmarket, Upscale.

"'Haut de Gamme' is the alias for Alexander Hall's work. Alex is a West London-based artist that has been selling his work since 2007 but only decided to make a career as an Artist from 2010. In 2018 Alex was commissioned by IHG to create an installation celebrating Intercontinental’s 200 Hotel & Resorts globally. Alex's work can be found all over the world and is getting ever more in demand as his exposure expands.

He works with so much energy, colour and materials you have to take a second look to take it all in.

Alex likes to use almost anything relevant to create the effect he is aiming for, predominately working on canvas, linen and wooden-board he uses new and old techniques to produce unique and striking paintings. In addition he has also been commissioned to design and paint on cars, walls, furniture, and clothing.

Alexander’s artwork and designs can be seen all over with many of his clientele being household names but his biggest client is still Mr Peter Jones CBE who has 23 paintings and counting. His success with art has allowed him to continue with his creative passion whilst pursuing his other interests in classic cars and motor-racing.

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