Keith Haring


Keith Haring
Keith Haring
£20,000 - £45,000

Keith Haring was an American street artist and iconic figure of the 1980's. Haring's work communicated with all cultures and generations, creating a true museum to the people.

Keith Haring is not only an American neo-pop and graffiti artist and activist, he is one of the most iconic names from the 1980's New York street culture scene. Full of guts and heart, Keith Haring lived and acted-out in the “Real World”, rising to fame after tagging the New York subways in the early ‘80s. Haring opened his Pop Shop in New York in 1986 and made his prints and artwork accessible to the masses by putting it on low-cost items such as T-shirts and posters. The fact that he was able to communicate to so many generations and cross so many cultural boundaries is what makes his genius. Almost 3 decades after his death, Haring’s legacy and vision lives on through his legions of fans and the body of artwork he left behind. He recognized and celebrated that tribal energy, and truly embodied the vitality that is the heart of America.

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