Ross David Lloyd


Ross David Lloyd
Ross David Lloyd
£3,600 - £5,900

After graduating from The Chelsea School of Art in Public Design BA (1997), Ross Lloyd David was propelled to the famous department store Harrods on Brompton Road where for many years he was submerged in an emporium of interiors and homewares. For over 15 years David has been Director and Codesigner for one of the world's leading decorative lighting companies Bella Figura which is also based in Chelsea, London where he caters for renowned interior designers and architects across the world.

Since childhood, art has been one of the greatest indulgences whether it be painting, sculpture, literature, music, invention, research, design, cinema, technology, landscape pictures or architecture. With such endless categories, hugely talented people have inspired works of creation, both past and present, with greatness often borrowed and modified with time.

Each canvas is unique, thus avoiding the ‘parody’ of one's imagination being stolen by another. David's artworks delve beyond reality as the practice of creating erases the comprehension of a personal world, which becomes blank, and not until completion do I see images in my work that others may not even recognise or comprehend, it's then that my reality returns.

I only hope that when my art is viewed, the observer will want to disappear into their own world of thought and be inspired to seek their own resonates thus making my paintings exclusive to you and you only.

David's art is a secret world and one can become selfish in guarding the private thoughts that have been released by an artist or when the decision is made that the painting is complete. Having dramatised the concept to remain private and anonymous, it can also be soothing and an outlet for a troubled mind.

It is wonderful, therefore, that today’s designers have embraced abstract art to sit comfortably with both the creations from the past and present. With this in mind and with the marvel and help of technology and gifted people to advise how best to display one's talent, we feel able to share the work to convey joy, fantasy and sometimes even sadness to the disconcerting collector.

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