LONDON CALLING by Illuminati
Size 87cm x 63cm
Price £5,500
Medium Unique Neon on Antique Flag
Frame N/A
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN by Illuminati
Price £POA
Medium Unique Neon
Frame Framed
Size 85cms x 80cms
Price £6,000
Medium Unique Neon on Flag
Frame Framed
Love me Tender by Illuminati
Love me Tender
Size 100cms x 80cms
Price £4,000
Medium Unique Neon
Baby Anarchy by Illuminati
Baby Anarchy
Size 70cms x 50cms
Price £1,200
Medium Unique Neon with Vintage WWII flag
London Calling by Illuminati
London Calling
Size 90cms x 60csm
Price £4,500
Medium Unique Neon with Vintage VE Day Flag
£2,000 - £12,000

London based artist Mark Sloper - the genius behind Illuminati Neons - is making a name for himself in the art world with his eye catching Artwork which draws on the artist’s punk roots.
Sloper went to art college in Sheffield before falling in love with punk. In the Illuminati Neon studio in Shepherds Bush each piece is bespoke and hand-blown, featuring witty punk messages which bring a touch of irony or humour to the image.
Few cultural movements have had as much impact on modern society as punk rock and Illuminati Neon has taken a huge amount of inspiration from this era. The story of its influence is mostly a tale of two cities—New York and London. He often incorporates genuine artefacts and memorabilia from the era, such as vintage WW American flags, as well as t-shirts that were worn by famous Rock bands that have been repurposed into art.
British punk was the product of a specific time and place and Illuminati Neons channel its indefinable essence through the work. The shorthand of rebellion, it’s all there in the body of work, channeling not just the artist’s own narrative but the chorus and chaos of a generation.
A huge music aficionado, Mark Sloper created the Illuminati brand to create punk-inspired pictures, emblazoned with familiar lyrics and the language of punk, one of Britain’s last subcultures. Although the famous neon artist Chris Bracey, who had mastered the power of a music slogan fashioned into blazing gas and glass, passed away in 2014, his influence on Illuminati is undeniable.
Illuminati Neon is rapidly developing a dedicated following on the international art circuit, and in September Mark Sloper’s work featured in the world’s best emerging artists exhibition at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London. For the moment Illuminati Neon’s pieces remain extremely affordable, making this artist exceptionally attractive to art investors looking for the next big thing. The unique work has sold to many a celebrity including Amy Winehouse, The Sex Pistols, Boy George and more.
Box Galleries will be showcasing brand new unique Neons direct from the studio from 1st August. The collection will include a brand new hot pink neon "God Save the Queen" featuring a tattoed Queen Elizabeth with neon pink hair, an exclusive new neon based on a vintage WW2 flag with a surprise slogan as well as a neon featuring an original vintage Sex Pistols T-shirt.

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