Kate Brinkworth


Kate Brinkworth
Kate Brinkworth
£995 - £15,000

Fascinated by stories, film and photography, Kate Brinkworth’s original oils and silkscreen prints are works of art that emanate joy, fun and mystery. Birmingham based Kate is preoccupied by shadows, light, focus, objects, location and narratives and her complex and multi-coloured images capture your imagination. Kate collects images - dice, insects, cameras, letters, papers, anything with a sense of intrigue and she sets up her own still life arrangements. The vivid colour in her work reflects the nature of their temptation and their glossy, sleek appeal.

Kate has also begun to bring into her work more instinctive photography that she now works from enjoying the instant appeal of polaroid photography. Notes, photographs, memories, places and emotions all breathe life into her process.

Brinkworth’s work has a solid secondary market selling yearly since 2009 at Christie’s, Sotheby’s as well as Phillips Auction Houses. In 2015, Kate worked with Coca Cola on a worldwide campaign celebrating 100 years of the Coke bottle and her work now sits in their collection as well as collections of Great Universal Stores and the Miniature Museum of Contemporary Art. Kate has exhibited worldwide in Chicago, New York, London, Paris, Sweden and Hong Kong.

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