Joanna Green


Joanna Green
Joanna Green
£100 - £1500

Joanna Green, a British Abstract artist born in 1991, rediscovered a deep passion for creating art during the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic. Having not painted since a young girl, she found solace and inspiration in the ability to communicate through the world of abstract expressionism from her home in Essex.
As her unique and captivating pieces began to resonate quickly with audiences globally, Joanna made the bold decision to leave her career in accounts behind and fully dedicate herself to her art, and now successfully works from her studio full time in the quaint town of Maldon. Drawing from her own life experiences and a deep appreciation for interior design, Joanna seamlessly blends bold and delicate tones with textured brushstrokes to create works that not only complement modern and classic spaces, but also tell a vivid and emotive story. Often using birds in her pieces to convey a spiritual sentiment to her clients and bring her connection to nature to the foreground.
Joanna's artistry is a fusion of her two great loves - art, nature and interiors - resulting in pieces that not only adorn walls, but also evoke a sense of depth, emotion, and personal connection. Each artwork is a testament to Joanna's journey, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where colours, textures, and narratives coalesce into a harmonious visual symphony.

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