Tommy Fiendish


Tommy Fiendish
Tommy Fiendish
£300 - £8,000

London-based artist Tommy Fiendish was conjured from the labyrinth of Camden Market where he spent his childhood amongst the stalls and the lock, and where he would come to create some of his first and most iconic works of carnival-style sign writing. With a professional history as a musician, a sign-writer, a TV set designer and a tattoo artist, Fiendish has established a varied artistic skillset evidenced in his splashes of expressionism, distinctions of photorealism and in his spiralling odes to surrealism. Having graduated in 2018 with a first-degree honours from LCC, University of the Arts London, he now works from his studio in Hackney, East London.

Fiendish’s work is a melting pot of cultural reference, stylistic techniques and visual quips. Each acrylic and spray-painted canvas is laden with symbolism, politics, abstractions of philosophies, religion, architecture and figure. Citing Heidegger’s Forgetfulness of Being alongside contemporary feminist issues, the Black Lives Matter protests, the state of national healthcare and the relevance of papacy in the 21st century, FAITH is set to be a thought-provoking, stimulating introduction to Fiendish, as well as an unflinching reflection of the modern-day.

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