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09 March to 29 March

Private View: Thursday 09 Mar | 6:30pm - 9:30pm

Capturing the sparkling glamour of the Hollywood Golden Age, this new exhibition, by acclaimed artist David Studwell, pays homage to iconic leading stars from Monroe to Bardot, Marlon Brando to Elton John . Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality, David’s work captures the celebrities in all their ethereal splendour.

“I feel that I’m different to many artists in the sense that my work harks back to bygone eras. The golden age of Hollywood, the fifties and the sixties have always attracted me. My focus is on a period when the word ‘celebrity’ actually meant something. Unlike today when reality TV or social media springboards unknowns into the spotlight.”

Studwell works through the medium of Silkscreen printing with the use of bold and vibrant colour and a very demanding level of technical precision. He often incorporates the use of razor-sharp diamond dust to finish his works. The signature Studwell look is one of a high-end classic Hollywood glamour which evokes high fashion whilst eschewing passing fads.
The Artist is releasing an exclusive new work for the show and Box Galleries will also be showcasing a collection of Mugshots exploring the darker side of fame that intrigues every single one of us.

“My motive is to explore celebrity, it’s dark side as well as what we see in magazines or on TV. That is why I create the mugshots –to display the flaws celebrities have –to prove they are only human like you or me. I also want to recreate the mood and glamour of those bygone eras, whilst putting my own unique contemporary stamp on each piece.”

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